We would love user contributions to the Unet project!

Contributions may include (but are not limited to):


  • Suggestions on how UnetStack, Unet simulator, Unet IDE, or the documentation could be improved.
  • Tutorials, videos, or any other documentation related to UnetStack.
  • Recipes, frequently asked questions (FAQs), or tips & tricks.
  • Code snippets and samples.

Code / Binaries

  • Agents implementing underwater networking protocols/techniques for use by others, or for benchmarking against other protocols/techniques.
  • Code implementing protocols/techniques that you describe in your research papers.
  • New channel or modem models for the simulator.
  • Drivers for other underwater modems or terrestrial links.


  • Comments and experiences, describing how you use UnetStack, simulator and/or IDE.
  • Network experiment statistics that may be used to build empirical channel models.
  • References to relevant publications.
  • Anything else relevant that you might want to share with fellow underwater network researchers.

Please make your contributions by posting to the User Contributions section on the support forum. The administrator will help collate contributions for eventual inclusion in the website as appropriate (with proper credits, of course).